How to Reinstall McAfee In Your Device?

Are you using electronic devices with the internet and are worried about a virus attack? Did you feel more secure when you were using McAfee, and now you are wondering how to reinstall McAfee in your device? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get all your answers about re-install McAfee in the most effective way. Once you have McAfee on your device, you can use the internet on it as well as either pair or connect it with other devices endlessly without any worries.

The best thing about McAfee is that it can help you make several digital devices secure in one go at any time and anywhere. All you need to do is follow some easy steps to re-install McAfee in your devices. Before you start the steps to re-install, you must uninstall McAfee completely. Then follow the steps to reinstall it on your device.

Here are the easy steps that you can follow in order to lead a safe and secure digital life!

Step 1:  As a first step, you need to go to McAfee and log in to your account. Then open “My Account.”

Step 2: As a second step, you need to select a sign that lets you add your devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

Step 3: As a third step, select “Add a device,” and then select the icon of tablet or phone depending on the device you want to add.

Step 4: Click on “Send Link”

Step 5: Then, go to “Choose a Product” and select “McAfee LiveSafe – Mobile Security.” Then, click “Next.”

Step 6: Then, select “Send the Download Link to a Smartphone” if you want to make your smartphone secure. Then, you can choose to enter your phone number or a nickname. After that, select “Email it.” Then, enter your email ID and select “Send Email.”

Step 7: After that, check your inbox for an email that you will receive from McAfee. Make sure that you open this email from the device in which you want to have the McAfee protection. Then click on “Download.”

Step 8: You will see the License Agreement then. Read it and then click on “I Accept.”

Step 9: After that, your page will be directed towards the Apple App Store or Google Play. Click on “Install.”

Step 10: Check if your device has finished the download od McAfee Live Safe – Mobile Security. Once it finishes, you must open the installed application.

Step 11: Then, you will be prompted to create a pin of 6-digits in order to register your device with McAfee and complete the installation process. Voila, it’s done!

Final Words

Once you re-install McAfee on your phone, you can easily enjoy the several benefits that it has to offer. Most importantly, once you have it placed, you are free from all the worries of virus attacks that have become so prevalent in today’s times. So, if you have been worried and wondering how to reinstall McAfee in your device, you have all the answers here. Just follow the steps mentioned above to get McAfee on all your devices and stay protected easily.